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I had enough of making my own eyes... I partly used Disney Create...

Second doll todaay~ Gomen, Meiko... I'm probably making Neru next :P GO UTAUS!


Yowane was made on November 21 with depressed emoticons (- . -''')

Yowane's Personality

Yowane is an EXTREME pessimist. She often thinks she's a failure and a mistake. She's also a depressed introvert, although drinking makes her happy. She cries at least once a day.

What Yowane Looks Like

Yowane has red eyes and white hair, though it can turn gray when depressed, it is as long as her body and styled into a ponytail held by a bow that is striped black and purple. She has a stray hair at the top of her head, nose length bangs, and sidelocks. On her left upper arm, though not seen in the picture above, are painted red letters, "DTM", that stands for 'Desktop Music'. She wears a collared top that exposes her midrift and black slacks. She also wears a purple tie and the usual triangle patterned belt, colored purple.

Yowane's Pet

Yowane doesn't have a pet. 'Cause she's broke. Which makes her depressed. Which makes her cry. Together with Fheelip... TT^TT (and she's not allowed to keep a pet)

Yowane's Home

Yowane's room in the Voca Mansion is... depressing. She has gray walls with black misty veils on her windows. She has no bed. She sleeps on her couch. She also has demotivational posters on her walls. Her light are broken and keep blinking. No one ever fixes it since whenever they step into Yowane's room they suddenly feel depressed. The only good thing in her room is a closet filled with beer and other alcoholic drinks. Yowane says that it makes the room look lively and colorful.

Yowane's Other Merchandise

  • Yowane singing full size
  • Yowane full size
  • Yowane silly hair doll
  • Yowane mini
  • Yowane loopy hair doll

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