...THE EYES TT^TT Tho I'm getting used to using paint when making dolls.... IT'S JUST THE EYES TT^TT

I REALLY need to finish Meiko... -AND I FORGOT THE SPEAKERS ON HER BELT TT^TT Looks better?


Yukari was made on December 22 with a wikipedia article about the moon rabbit. Should I leave a link?... Yes? Here then...

Personality of Yuki

Yuki is very shy and quiet. She can be seen as a big sister type. She is described as mystifying by many and loves to observe the moon. She quietly sings on full moons at the VocaMansion's rooftop. Her best friend is Aria. They both like astronomy 'cause like... the sky's awesome.

What Yuki Looks Like

Yuki is fair skinned with lavender eyes and pale, lavender hair tied into two bunches. She wears a dark lavender jacket with a bunny hood and a short lavender dress with transparent frills ath the bottom. She also wears lavender socks with dark lavender shoes and a hairclip that resembles two speakers..

Yuki's Pet

Yuki has a lavender bunny rabbit. She gets to own one since she's mature enough to take care of it. It plays a lot with Gumi and her rabbit and when it's night time, looks at the moon with Yuki.

Yuki's Home

Yuki's room in the VocaMansion is almost similar to Aria's. The walls are lavender polkadotted with rose, dark lavender inside. The roof of her room is dark lavender, dotted with rose stars with a huge moon in the middle. All her furniture is dark lavender with glowing rose accents. Her room is the closest to the rooftop... well together with Aria's, since her room is pararell to Yuki's.

Yuki's Other Merchandise

  • Yuki Singing Full Sized Doll
  • Yuki Full Sized Doll
  • Yuki Mini Doll
  • Yuki Silly Hair Doll
  • Yuki Loopy Hair Dol

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