Dat vest looks weird... -Plus... the hair kinda looks like Cookiez'

Zingy is a new Biscuit Loopsy by Gabi!


Zingy was sewn sometime on 1934 with some Zingers.

Personality of Zingy

Zingy loves to zing everywhere. She has no problem coming up with zingers. Her BFF is Twinkie. They are alike in so many ways. She considers herself as the weirdest Biscuit Loopsy , has a little devilish side and can relate well with Kekuma. She has been made into 4 flavours over the years, chocolate, vanilla, raspberry and devil's food.

What Zingy Looks Like

Zingy has brown hair with straight lines and dirty white eyes (Dirty white is yellowish) . She wears a sleeveless dress with white lines and a brown belt, a malt-ish long vest and brown boots with lines at the top.

Zingy's Pet

Zingy has a pet rock that looks like a Zinger.

Look at that Zinger looking rock.

Zingy's Home

She lives in a Zinger House.

Other Merchandise

  • Full-sized
  • Mini
  • Big and Mini BL Bundle Pack
  • Loopy Bundle Pack
  • Mini Loopy Bundle Pack
  • Silly Singer Pack
  • Lalaloopsy Girls 'Sweet as Biscuits' Set
  • Lalaloopsy Tinies- Biscuit Bakery Pack

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