Zinnia Zebra


Sewn On: January 31st (National Zebra Day)

Sewn From: Zebra hides (that is just wrong man just wrong)

Personality of Zinnia

She used to have white hair, but she drank water from the baboon's pond, fell into a fire which scorched her hair, and thats why she has stripy hair.

She has cousins that are horses, donkeys, hinnies, and unicorns. Her favorite foods are grass, shrubs, herbs, twigs, leaves, and barks, making her a vegetarian.

She also dislikes people who eat zebra meat. She also occasionally walks on all fours.

Zinnia has an amazing sense of fashion and loves to make sparkly zebra print outfits. Her favorite letter is the letter Z!

What Zinnia Looks Like

Zinnia has white and black hair. She has a white and black dress. She has black shoes that are meant to represent her hooves. When walking on all fours, she wears black mittens.

Zinnia's pet

A baby zebra named Zecora.

Zinnia's home

Roof-Sparkly zebra print

Wall-black and white

Zinnia's other merchandise

  • Zinnia full size
  • Zinnia mini
  • Zinnia loopy hair
  • Zinnia tiny
  • Zinnia baby
  • Zinnia lalaloopsy girl
  • Zinnia backpack
  • Zinnia water bottle
  • Zinnia lunch box
  • Mini pack with the rest of the Animal Collection. (59 pack wow so many)

Guess What!

  • She is part of the Animal Collection
  • She lives in the LCD version of Africa.
  • She has three sisters: Zoe, Zuzu, and Zaza. (Peppa ref!!!!1)
  • I borrowed her first name from a limited edition LPS zebra named Zinnia Gardner.
  • She has masks all over her house
  • She wears tattoos.
  • She brews potions and recites incantations.
  • She speaks in rhymes
  • She often delivers the mail
  • Wow, so many refs to MLP and PP.

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